Angry Birds Bento

Trev and I were at the grocery the other week when I spotted this green-colored fish balls. My mind almost instantly thought of transforming them into piggies since I still have some angry birds fish cakes at home. So, I got a pack and made my thought into reality. Hihi!

This was the result. 

Angry Bird Bento

It's made up of wheat bread with cheese (they're supposed to look like bricks in the bento, kaso masikip na in the lunch box that's why they almost didn't look like one, haha!), some seedless grapes, a quail egg (gladly I recently purchased that heart pick, I think it suits perfectly in the chick's head), some angry birds fish cakes, and of course, the green fish balls that I transformed into piggies, with foodpicks as their ears. :-P

There you have it. I will share with you the Olaf-themed bento I made in the coming post. :-)

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