Butterfly Bento

Oh, this was one of his requests. He specifically wanted me to prepare a butterfly bento because the other day, he witnessed a butterfly emerged from its chrysalis here at our frontyard. It was so amazing! Now, he knows the life cycle of a butterfly already. Hihi! He always looks at our calamansi plant because there's quite a lot of caterpillars in there right now and some have transformed into a chrysalis already. 

Anyway, he remembered about it the night before and so the next day he asked for a butterfly baon.

Thus, here's what I was able to come up with. 

Butterfly Bento

For the wings, I simply cut a white bread with cheese inside using a heart - shaped cutter, then added a crab stick for its body with that cute looking bunny as the head, haha! Also added some butterfly cheese and fish tofu. 

His teacher said he likes the look of Trev's baon daw. I feel really happy that they appreciate my son's simple baon. :-)

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