Father's Day 2015 (And A Bento!)

We are a very simple family and we always prefer to have just a tiny celebration at home whenever there's an occasion.  Our Father's Day celebration might not have been grand but the important thing is we are together as a family happily.

I cooked spaghetti with Clara Ole Three Cheese sauce, added in some shiitake mushroom, peas, ham and some all purpose cream. It was a very easy recipe really. And oh, may I just say that the Clara Ole Three Cheese sauce was sooo good! I'm not paid or sponsored for saying this, it's really how I think it is. Even hubby said it was really yummy. I think it's probably now our favorite spaghetti sauce! 

I also cooked Maja Mais with cheese overload, hihi! Cheese is my hubby and our son's favorite thing in this world! We didn't have a grater though so I had no choice but to cut the cheese in cubes. :-P

Also made a simple and rush dedication because hubby was coming back inside the house already when I did it and I didn't want him to see what I was doing, haha! 

Spaghetti with Clara Ole Three Cheese

Maybe about two weeks before Father's Day, while my son Trev and I were at Waltermart to buy him some colored pencils, I spotted that pillow with a "Best Tatay" note in front. I thought it was perfect! It also has a bike design which was timely too because he recently bought our son his very first bike. Also, Trev and his classmates made that cute little Father's Day card in school, so perfect with our pillow gift! 

By the way, Trev loves his bike so much that he and his Tatay always practice driving it every weekend. I wonder if he'd be interested in music, too. If so, maybe next time, hubby can buy him a keyboard perhaps, haha! But first we need to know the types of keyboards so we know what suits our son's needs.

Anyway, going back, of course, I also prepared a special bento for dear hubby for Father's Day. Here it is.

Father's Day Bento

I woke up really early to prepare that because, again, I didn't want him to see I was preparing something special for him for his baon. Haha! 

It's made up of a mixed of different foods. Added in green fish balls, sausage, ham flower, tamagoyaki, fish tofu and some steamed veggies. I used my alphabet cutters to cut in the very simple dedication. Also used two of my DIY barans right there. 

So, that's about it for now. I know this post is way too late already. So many back logs again. Huhu. 

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day celebration, too! 

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