Lego - Themed Bento

Making a lego - themed bento has always been one on my list but since I don't have any lego molder, I never attempted to make one. Until one day, I was able to watch a video tutorial in youtube (there are lots of tutorials there! thanks to those who shared!) on how to make lego blocks using a clean drinking straw. I was like "Ahh, so that's how they do it all along!" Hihi! So, one day, I tried creating my own version.

Tadah! Here's my first ever lego - themed bento.

Lego - Themed Bento

The legos are made from chicken sausage, fish tofu and mangoes. Emmet is freehand cut from cheese. I used nori for his face. The lego letterings are also made from cheese, I just used my alphabet cutters for that. So happy that this bento matched Trev's lego spoon and fork. 

I'm planning of making DIY lego picks, I just haven't gotten the chance to look at the toy store yet to buy some small ones that I could use. 

And, uhmm, can't help but wish now for a lego lunch box, too, haha!

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