Olaf Bento

I shared with you in the previous post about my recent bento tools haul. I happened to chance upon a snowflakes plunger at The Landmark in Trinoma so I got that one, too. And I can't wait til Christmas before I start using it, hahaha! So, I thought, maybe I could try my luck and make a Frozen-themed bento. Since my kid is a boy, obviously I couldn't make Elsa or Ana, hahaha! So, the best option is the super adorable Olaf! 

And so, tadah, here's what I made for Trev's bento. 

Olaf Bento

I don't have a cutter for Olaf's head. When I made this bento, I also still didn't have a circle cutter so what I used was my ever-reliable DIY cutter, which is an empty peanut butter jar, haha! Then I simply cut the shape of Olaf's head using a small paring knife. Glad it worked, I think! For the details of Olaf's face, I used nori, cheese and carrots, all freehand cut, well except for the eyes wherein I used a clean drinking straw. 

I topped Olaf over pasta (without sauce) then some snowflakes cheese, also topped the snowflakes over two marsh mallows. Added in some peaches, too! I just divided the lunch box using a DIY baran I made out of a silicon mat. 

It's not perfect but I am really happy with how it turned out. As you can see, the little one's happy, too! Oh, this bento bug has bit me hard, really! And yeah, I am liking it a lot! :-)

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