Owl Bento

Okay, this is really an owl bento, because that's what I planned to do. However, when the little one saw it, he said that it's the bird daw from the movie "Yellowbird". Okay, I just conceded and agreed! Hahaha! 

I will just make another owl bento in the future. I hope he sees it as an owl next time! :-P

Owl Bento

This bento is made from white bread with burger patties inside, Presto cookies (next time, I'll try Oreo naman) for the eyes, carrot for the nose, wheat bread for the wings and nori for the feet and iris. I also added a quail egg with some tamagoyaki and peaches. 

Hmm, I think I now know why he thinks it looks like the bird from "Yellowbird". He said that that little quail egg looks like a baby bird daw and the big owl looks like the mommy bird. Ohhhkayy, now I get it. Haha! 

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