The Bento CaraVan

Hello there, friends! It's been a while. Yeah, I know, I am really sorry for the lack of posts nowadays. Such a busy bee. 

Anyway, I would just like to share with you all how happy I am with how my bento making interest is turning out. You see, my husband and I have finally decided to take this interest of mine up a notch. Yes, after much thought and lots and lots of prayers, we have finally decided to open our very own bento shop! I have already created a Facebook page and an Instagram account. I named it Bento CaraVan. Caravan means travelling merchants, right? Well, I may not be with a group but then I love where my bento journey is travelling nowadays. I feel really blessed that I am able to inspire other people into making not only cute food for their kids but nutritious and healthy food as well. Another reason why I chose CaraVan is simply because it has the Van at the end, haha! Pretty obvious, eh? Since my name is Van, so I guess it fits just right. :-) 

The Bento CaraVan

So, there. At first I was just posting photos of my simple bento creations here and there between Facebook and Instagram, but then one day, hubby told me, why not try venturing into the wonderful world of bento business since I am pretty much fascinated and interested in it anyway. I thought, maybe he's right. Long story short, the Bento CaraVan Shop was born. For now, we will be reselling affordable bento tools and accessories online. Who knows, with God's grace, we would be able to venture into bento catering, too! We'll never really know until God says it's time.

For now, we are really happy about this new journey. I have been a SAHM for three years now and I have been looking and praying for ways to help my husband with our finances because you see, a single income family like us is really difficult because of all the expenses. I am just happy and I feel really blessed that my husband is a very good provider but still, as his wife and partner for life, I want to help him raise our family in whatever way I can. So, maybe this is what God has planned for us. 

That's it for now. Please stay tuned for the opening of our humble shop. And oh, we will also be holding a giveaway soon! Awesome prizes await lucky winners! Hope you all join it! Will announce it soon!

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