About Mommy Van

Shy. Crybaby. Dessert lover. Loves art. Loves to read. Lola's girl. Eldest and the only girl in a brood of 7. Former Quality Assurance Specialist in one of Philippines' leading telco. Used to climb mountains. Used to play bowling. SAHW. SAHM. Pro-breastfeeding. Babywearer. Newbie blogger. 

My name is Vanessa, but I am fondly called Van. I am a stay at home wife and mom. Allan and I have been married since 2011 and we now have an adorable son named Atreiu (pronounced A-trey-you) Vincent, but we lovingly nicknamed him Trev. Trev calls us Tatay and Nanay. I used to work in a telecommunications company for almost 8 years before my husband and I decided that I just leave the corporate world and just take care of him and our baby. So far, I am enjoying the life my husband and I chose.

Although, life is not always as easy for us, we are trying our very best, helping each other in every way we can, loving each other and our son, and always putting God in the center of our relationship. 

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